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4 Dallas Locations
214-303-1002 Monday - Friday 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM * Saturday 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
4 Dallas Locations

What You Can Expect

Fighting 4 Fitness offers personal training and self defense classes in multiple studio locations throughout Dallas, Texas. Founded by Steve Hess, students reap the benefits of building strength, endurance, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Nutritional counseling is also available to students who want to kick start their journey to improved physical Fitness by optimizing their diet.

If you’re serious about making significant changes to your lifestyle and physique, our friendly and experienced team of personal trainers, instructors, and studio support members work to help you achieve your goals. We believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard.

Our motivational group classes and private training sessions are ideal for working towards your fitness and health goals. Regardless of whether you want to lose a few pounds, you want to build muscle, or you want to learn self-defense skills that be applied in real-world situations, Fighting For Fitness offers the training you need to succeed.Not sure if our fitness studio is right for you?

We always offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Get in touch with one of our fitness specialists today!

During this free session, we’ll discuss your goals and fitness objectives. With this information, we can strategize a realistic plan to help get to your goal.

Are you ready?

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Fighting 4 Fitness follows a holistic approach to health and Fitness. Students at our various Dallas studios can participate in personal training, nutritional counseling, small group training, and personal martial arts training. In addition to these core offerings, Fighting 4 Fitness offers corporate self-defense seminars and wellness programs.


Strength Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Corrective Exercise


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, MMA and Self Defense Seminars


Small Groups/Bootcamp, Corporate Events, Wellness Seminars


Nutrition/Meal Planning, Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A team that trains together, wins together!

Corporate Wellness

A workplace is only as healthy as the people who work there. Our experienced team of fitness and self-defense professionals helps with multiple facets of personal and physical development.

Educational Health Workshops

Our engaging workshops are ideal for teaching your staff and employees about the benefits of improved nutritional habits, the importance of sleep, stress reduction techniques, and meditation. The mind, body, spirit connection plays a critical role in establishing a healthier life-work balance.

Wellness Programs

Inspire and motivate your team with Wellness Programs offered by Fighting 4 Fitness. We come to you! Ask about our cardio conditioning, boot camps, strength training, and fitness programs today! We offer a number of programs that can be done at the office, the local park, or your preferred gym or Fitness facility.

You can't outrun a bad diet

Nutrition Guidance

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever before to make the wrong dietary choices. We’re surrounded by foods and drinks everywhere we go. Our trusted nutritionists work with clients on an individual basis to optimize their diet to work in combination with an exercise or fitness plan. We always promote diet plans that support your nutritional needs.

If you’ve struggled to follow strict, prohibitive diets and have failed to accomplish your weight loss goals, you can take comfort knowing you aren’t alone. We understand that variety is the spice of life. For that reason, we offer sensible dietary advice that is easy to follow and affords you the ability to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages in moderation. By being sustainable, it is a much easier and realistic program to follow, while still getting weight loss results.

Our approach ultimately helps to boost energy levels and teaches healthy habits that are ideal for lifetime use. After all, being in good health for a lifetime is a marathon, not a sprint!

Personal Training

Fighting 4 Fitness personal trainers create plans that are structured to get results and suit your lifestyle. Our certified personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to establish a uniquely tailored fitness program. Our programs aid in addressing specific health concerns, your personal goals, and your body type.

Our weight loss trainers help clients of all ages and fitness levels address weight management issues and building functional strength for real-life use.

We integrate a variety of cardiovascular and strength-building exercises that help you build a stronger core, a resolution to win, and a dedication to physical fitness and improved health.

Personal Training

Don't Delay - Start Today

If it’s time to make a significant change in your lifestyle, there’s no better time than right now to do it. You’re a single step away from starting the journey to become a stronger, healthier, and happier you!

We understand that your journey could have a few twists, turns, and bumps in the road. But with persistence, all challenges in life can get overcome with sheer will and determination.

Our caring and respectful trainers and nutritionists stand by your side and help you fight the battle against unhealthy fat, outmoded habits, and other barriers that can stand in the way of making your victory lap!

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Nutrition Guidance
About 80% of your training so yeah it's important!
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Fighting 4 Fitness
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Sabine Spillner
Sabine Spillner
17:29 25 Nov 19
Work with Steve now since 1 year and 9 months 4 times a week with weight lifting and HIIT. Results speak for themselves, changed my body composition, reduced back pain and improved my running time!
joshua marcum
joshua marcum
16:02 21 Nov 19
This is the best workout of the week. I’ve been working with Steve for over a year now and every session has been phenomenal. I came to Steve wanting to learn basic self defense and MMA. He... incorporates every aspect of fighting into each session, every workout is leaning experience. He’s always on time and has a plan for each session. Definitely a professional.read more
Jonathan Tate
Jonathan Tate
16:51 01 Oct 19
Steve is the man. I've known Steve for over a decade personally. I started working out with him after dealing with some long term injuries. Steve has really made an impact with the injuries I was... dealing with, that were long term in benefit. I have a longtime fitness background myself, and I'm pretty skeptical of most trainers, but Steve is the cream of the crop. He is the Dallas personal trainer that I really trust and who I decide to put my safety and well being in the hands of. He understands fitness, nutrition, injuries and the interconnectedness of the body ,he also truly cares about his clients. You can't go wrong with this guy.read more
Paul McClellan
Paul McClellan
02:20 24 Sep 19
A started working with Steve after Iearning that we lived in the same building. As a soccer player I had good leg strength but a weak core and upper body, my goal was to increase strength in these... areas. Steve and I met every week, initially focusing on my form so each exercise had maximum benefit and I didn't get injured. In a short period of time I had more energy, increased muscle definition, I'm stronger and lifting heavier every month. Each week there are new exercises with the right amount of sweat and pain that you know you've had a good workout! I no longer live in the same building but I still have Steve as part of my weekly routine.read more
Whitney Bosworth
Whitney Bosworth
12:19 16 Apr 19
Steve is an awesome trainer. Easygoing, knowledgeable and attentive, he focuses on my goals in each session and then adjust his workout plan based on my feedback throughout the session. He also... genuinely cares about his client and sees my success as his success. I would absolutely recommend him.read more
Johnny Powers
Johnny Powers
21:22 16 Apr 18
I am 51 and stronger and leaner than ever. My lower back pain is virtually non existent due to intense core strength and my functional strength is excellent. I look forward to the training sessions... and each one is totally unique with obvious significant forethought. In high school, I trained with Coach Gayle Hatch, who is a legend and was a U.S. Olympic Team coach. Our training is similar in many ways but even more intensive than with Coach Hatch.read more
Kelsey Viscariello
Kelsey Viscariello
15:09 07 Dec 17
Steve is an amazing trainer. I have been going to him for the past 3 months to lose weight and get healthy. And though I have lost about 25 lbs that I am beyond happy about, he has helped me realize... the greater importance of a healthy body and becoming a better me rather than just numbers on a scale. He has made sure to work with me on my goals and has supported me in my struggles. Rather than judging me for missteps, he used them as lessons to better myself the next time. He truly wants you to succeed and gives you the tools to do so. His sessions are personalized to get the best work out each and every day. Even when you feel like giving zero effort, he will push you to turn a lazy day into a productive session. You will leave the gym sweating and slightly short of breath, but it will be worth it.read more
Jeff Patterson
Jeff Patterson
02:06 31 May 17
I was 50+ pounds heavier when I first reached out to Steve Hess. I had hardly ever spent any time inside a gym, and to be honest, was completely intimidated by the whole idea of getting myself in to... shape. I had no idea what I was doing and had no idea how to reach the goals I had set for myself. Calling Steve was the best thing I could have done. He is everything you could want in a trainer. He'll teach you, motivate you, hold you accountable and is always available for any questions you might have . It's obvious that he genuinely wants to see his clients succeed. If you're overweight and/or new to exercise and getting healthy and wondering whether or not you should give Steve a try, trust me - do yourself a favor and don't hesitate. The man knows what he's doing. He will help you get where you want to go.read more
David Atkinson
David Atkinson
23:35 09 Feb 17
Great, hard-working trainer. Dedicated to helping you reach your goals safely, maintaining the health of your whole body. Works well even with people who aren't athletic to begin with.
Sue Dyson
Sue Dyson
00:44 09 Jul 15
After my daughter's great results, I too started training with Steve. I agree with my daughter, he is the best trainer I have ever had! He taught me exercises I had never done before. I gained... strength, flexibility, and muscle tone, as well as losing weight. The exercise circuit was well rounded. Steve spends each session teaching how to do each exercise correctly. Steve made me realize how important daily nutrition is. Maximum results are achieved by a combination of exercise and good nutrition. I want to recommend Steve to anyone looking for a trainer!! read more
Melissa Dyson
Melissa Dyson
18:23 22 Oct 14
Steve has been my personal trainer for the past 5 months. He is the best personal trainer I have had! He has helped me to transform my diet and has given me tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle.... Steve is always available for questions and nutrition advice. He is professional and encouraging! He adds different routines each time, so it is challenging. I have lost several pounds and inches in all areas of my body. I am continuing to lose weight and almost to my goal! read more
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