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214-303-1002 Monday - Friday 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM * Saturday 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
4 Dallas Locations


Steve's Story

With over 20 years of strength training, martial arts and nutrition experience, Steve has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and the proper nutrition required to keep it running at an optimal level. His journey started with strength training as a teenager and then he began studying the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in his early twenties. As his training progressed, he entered the world of mixed martial arts commonly known as MMA fighting. Steve had a brief amateur career and became a professional MMA fighter in 2010. During that time, he continued his strength training and conditioning as well as maintaining his energy and nutritional requirements as a competitive athlete.

He graduated from Georgia State University with a Finance degree and began his career as an analyst while avidly continuing his training in martial arts and weight lifting in his spare time. As his finance career progressed, he realized that he wasn’t happy sitting at a desk all day so he decided to follow his passion and embark on a fitness career. Wanting to push his martial arts prowess even further, Steve incorporated freestyle wrestling and western boxing into his training and began participating in mixed martial arts competitions. He eventually became a professional MMA Fighter. Steve is an award-winning martial artist who now holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as a 3rd khan ranking Muay Thai. He has also been practicing freestyle kickboxing for over 12 years.

Steve now uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to help people restore their health through exercise, proper nutrition and posture correction techniques. His no nonsense approach of what works with an emphasis on basic techniques have been proven to work over time….check out his testimonials.

His overall philosophy on the body and nutrition one of with a holistic approach. Steve is a vegan and encourages a whole foods diet free of processed foods and preservatives to help restore the bodies internal mechanisms to keep it running the way it was intended. He uses that same mentality while training whether it’s to get his clients in better shape or learning self defense. Steve believes that if you looking within oneself allows us to discover everything we need to prosper spiritually, mentally and physically.

Nutrition Guidance

There is a saying in the fitness industry that a six pack starts in the kitchen. No matter what your fitness goals are…your diet is going to be about 80% of your regimen. Don’t worry…Steve has you covered. He provides every client with nutrition counseling during their journey.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A company that sweats til they’re exhausted together, stays together. We bring physical activity to your office with cardio conditioning, bootcamps, and strength.

Self Defense Seminars/Events

We offer various self defense workshops that are tailored to your organizations needs. If you are trying to build group camaraderie or want your employees to be more mindful in certain situations we will develop a seminar unique to your groups needs.

Boot Camp

The Dallas boot camp is a great way to feed off the energy of your other members and to push yourself beyond. Kickboxing is at the end of all our bootcamp sessions.

Smal Group Training

Get together with a group of your friends and train when you want and how you want.

Personal Training

Steve is an incredibly versatile trainer who specializes in martial arts, strength training and conditioning, posture realignment and nutrition.

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We Are Here To Empower

Fighting 4 Fitness is here to inspire you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Wether you are a corporation, personal or group training client we will Teach you to become a better version of yourself through fitness and martial arts. 

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