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4 Dallas Locations
214-303-1002 Monday - Friday 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM * Saturday 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
4 Dallas Locations

Personal Training

Free Consultation

All potential new clients receive a complimentary consultation and fitness assessment.

A healthier Version Of Yourself

Fighting 4 Fitness will help you create a training routine customized to YOUR needs. Through proper diet, exercise and mindset, Steve will bring out the fittest version of YOU!

In Home Training

Want the gym brought to the comfort of your home. We carry the fight to you with in-home personal training.

Nutrition Guidance

There is a saying in the fitness industry that a six-pack starts in the kitchen. No matter what your fitness goals are, your diet is going to be about 80% of your regimen. Don’t worry Steve has you covered. He provides every client with nutrition counseling during their journey.

Notice Your Body Changing

Once you begin your fitness journey, you should notice changes in your body after 3-4 weeks of training assuming you are following the prescribed diet.


Steve has real-world experience with over 16 years of martial arts training and competed as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

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Your here for a reason!

What To Expect

Personal training can be intimidating to anyone who wants to embark on a new journey to a healthier version of themselves. Many people often have preconceived notions about what personal training is. The content on this website will give you a better picture of what to expect on your fitness journey. Scroll around to check out a video of my training clients during their sessions. I offer all potential new clients a free consultation and fitness assessment which includes your diet. I assure you that no matter your fitness level, I will meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. I know that you are putting your trust in me and I assume that very seriously.

Nutritional Guidance

Get in alignment with the right diet for you. We offer diet and nutritional advice that assists our clients in achieving their weight loss or muscle building goals. Nutrition plays a fundamental role in all of our bodily functions, so assuring that your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs is vital to overall performance.

Personal Training Client Sabine S.
Personal Training Client Johnny P.
Personal Training Client LaNe Kane

Sabine is an avid runner and came to me wanting to put on more muscle mass overall.  She also wants her but to be more round and uplifted and would like to be able to perform a body weight pull up. Here are some exercises that demonstrate a functional routine that will accomplish her training goals. Take a look!

Here’s Johnny! Johnny has been working with me for about four years now, and he likes to train with intensity. His goals are to put on muscle mass across his body as well as a highly conditioned cardiovascular capacity. The sessions are a mix of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Each client is different in regards to how I train them and how they like to be trained, and he brings 110% every time.

LaNe is an avid Tennis Player and also has neck and shoulder pain due to postural issues and wear over time. She wants to be able to perform better at tennis as well as be pain-free. Here are various exercises that are helping her posture which will, in turn, eliminate or reduce some of her pain. These exercises will also help her body mechanics function better which translates to playing better on the court.

Get out of your
Comfort Zone

If you want to make a change, you have to start somewhere. The beginning of your fitness journey is often the most difficult. If you’re on my website, you’ve taken an important first step, and now it’s time to go a little further. Once you start training, you’ll realize that initial fear you once had has transformed into confidence and empowerment.

Personal Training Packages

1 Hour Sessions

Professional Package

30 or More Sessions
$70Per Session
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Custom Tailored Training Regimen
  • Lowest Rate
  • Free Fighting 4 Fitness T-shirt
  • Posture Improvement

Sporter Package

20 Sessions
$80Per Session
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Custom Tailored Training Regimen
  • Posture Improvement
  • Lower Rate

Basic Package

10 Sessions
$90Per Session
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Custom Tailored Training Regimen
  • Posture Improvement

Single Session

1 Session
$100Per Session

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